The videos from the lectures of the First International Workshop within ASEAN-Russia joint project «Development of expert systems based on large-scale soil-geographic databases». The workshop took place in May 2018 at the Soil Science Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Morozov Igor Vadimovich

Experience of using large-scale soil data from SGDB for judicial examinations

Golozubov Oleg Modestovich and Morozov Igor Vadimovich

Development of expert systems based on large-scale soil-geographic databases

Morozov Igor Vadimovich

Practical work: principles of standardization of conceptual & terminological systems in soil science

Ermakov Anton Aleksandrovich

Certification and cadastral assessment of agricultural lands with use of large-scale soil maps on the example of Moscow region

Nazarenko Olga Georgievna

Using digital technologies and soil data bases for preparation of project documentation in agricultural industry

Alyabina Irina Olegovna

Soil-Geographic Database of Russia. History of Project - Current State - Prospects

Kaydalova Nadezhda Vladimirovna

Practical work: soil and meliorative inspection (salinization on the example of the Aksay district); Engineering-ecological projects (automobile and railway road construction; Power transmission line (road to the Platov airport) and suitability for planting gardens).

Andrew Pulin

Practical work: using MS SQL servers in complex with GIS systems for implementing of certification and cadastral assessment of agricultural lands on the example of the Moscow region

Kostin Ilia Grigorevich

Agrochemical inspections and monitoring of fertility of soils at the regional and statelevel: realization with the information system

Roman Zhukov

Increase in accuracy of software for forecasting of productivity with use of digital soil maps and Machine Learning algorithms

Roman Hizhnyak

Experience of the organization of a large-scale soil information system and its application to monitoring of an erosion of soils