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Current state

The creation of a national network of soil information data centers in Russia and the inclusion of all primary data holders in it is the main task of Soil Data Center at the present time. In addition, much work is being done to establish international relations and exchange experience with new foreign partners.

The work of the center is based on the principles of distributed storage of soil information in local soil data centers and the exchange of data presented in the network in a comparable form, "on demand", online, using open information channels of spatial and attribute information.

The solution of the problem of data harmonization and standardization of information exchange is another current task. Methods and algorithms are being developed to bring data into a comparable form, as well as adjustments to soil data schemes and information exchange in accordance with international standards.

Expanding the functionality of the Soil-Geographical Database (SGDB) for theoretical and practical applications is a challenge for the future. SGDB can be used to maintain a register of soil resources, to monitor soil and environment, to carry out cadastral valuation of land and to administer environment at the regional and national levels.