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Thе project started in 2008 and is currently running in the Soil Data Center of the Soil Science Department of M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The Soil Data Center was founded at the Soil Science Department of M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University in March 2016 to coordinate work on inventory of digitized soil information, applications of soil data storing, maintaining and exchanging technologies in scientific and educational processes as well as the algorithmization of their use.

Soil Data Center

The main mission of the Soil Data Center of Moscow State University is the maintenance and development of the «Information system Soil-geographic database of Russia» (ISSGDB).


Information and software implementation of the ISSGDB of the Russian Federation: software, database management system, Internet resource.

The ISSGDB Functions

Collection, correction, visualization of data. Requests, online computing.

Nationwide network of soil data centers

Distributed network of local soil data centers in Russia.

International activity

Participation in international projects: Global Soil Partnership FAO, Global Open Data for Agriculture & Nutrition, ASEAN-Russia Partnership.


Educational resources for students, schoolchildren and university entrants. Training workshops. E–learnings.

One of the main problems facing Russian soil scientists is the creation of a scientific and technical basis for a state strategy for rational land use.

The soil–geographical database of Russia is able to become a state tool for regulating the use and protection of soils and land resources, solving the national tasks of inventorying and formalizing soil data, contributing to regulation of land management and soil protection policies, participating in monitoring the condition of soil cover and land resources evaluation.

Sergey A. Shoba, Corresponding Member of RAS

S.A. Shoba

Corresponding member, RAS

Our partners

Global soil partnership

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Eurasian Centre for Food Security of Moscow State University

Southern Federal University

State Centre of Agrochemical Service «Rostovsky»

Agrochemical Service Centre «Belgorod»